Simple Everyday Mom

Making Everyday Count

You’re Supermom!

on April 17, 2013

Have you ever had someone say something to you that you couldn’t stop thinking about? A comment that makes you evaluate something about yourself?  Today I was talking with a friend about my boys when they were sick and she said the statement that I have never used to describe myself “You’re Supermom!” I felt like I was blindsided. I should have felt proud and said something witty, but for just a moment I froze. It’s a phrase I would use to describe women who do it all and have time left over. Yet this friend of mine used it to describe me, ME. I have thought about that statement all day long. I realized that when I think of a Supermom I see a picture of a woman who gives birth to a child and puts her cape on, she knows what she’s doing and never makes a mistake. It reminded me it’s the little things, the simple things, that she does that paints that picture of Supermom. We see the results or hear the stories, but we don’t see the struggles that went into it. I feel like the stigma of being a Supermom should be lifted. The name should be given to every mom that does what she knows how to do to the best of her ability.

 I am realizing that being Supermom really is a state of mind, an ability to push on when you struggle, and get back up when you fall. It’s a state of mind that remembers why I became a mom.  Whether or not I am ever called Supermom again it was a humble reminder that it’s the simple things in life that can make the biggest impact and encourage others. 


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