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Sharing and Creating Childhood Traditions for my Boys

on April 18, 2013

When I had my oldest son, I wondered how I could make his childhood memorable. How to give him the experiences I had loved, and the ones I had longed for as a kid. Although I wondered, would he remember the things we do when he’s a toddler or will it be long forgotten? Nevertheless, I want to get traditions started so when he is a little older it will be like he has always done these things. Some may stick and some may fall to the wayside, but I know that the ones that fit our family will find their way into their memories.

This spring I am getting to share one fond childhood tradition I grew up with, growing up on the softball fields. My parents played softball as I grew up and so did my siblings and I. Even now when I can find a team to play on I love to do so. This last week has held first games for both of my nieces, fastpitch for one and T-ball for another. I have brought both my boys to the games to start getting them used to the idea. My toddler has loved it so far, throwing rocks and watching the hit the ball with a bat. My baby just loves to be out and about and loves it too. If you haven’t gotten the chance to share one of these precious times with your child I encourage you to do so.

Don’t have any specific traditions you grew up with, create some! Springtime is a great time to start them. Need ideas?  How about after dinner walks now that the sun is out longer, Geocaching (for older kids, like a scavenger hunt) or look up on Pinterest for more ideas. I can’t wait to see what their memories hold when they are older! What traditions do you share with your children?


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