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Don’t forget to tell your kids they make a difference

on April 23, 2013

I had my niece over today to help me with my boys since I am in pain from my hernias (see Darn you, hernias! if you need more info on that) she is just old enough to watch the boys with supervision and it was so helpful to have her here.  So before she left we were talking about a few different things. I told her I really appreciated her and she made a big difference. She seemed shocked by this statement. She was really surprised, she said she didn’t know she could make a big difference. 

I spoke with my sister (her mom) after this and told her about it. She decided to start rewording her compliments, to show what a difference she makes. At my niece’s age, 11, kids understand the concept of making a difference yet many don’t think they can apply it to themselves, that they can truly make a big difference. 

I have begun thinking about how I can take this concept and show my toddler how he makes a difference. He does so many chores around the house mostly because they are fun and he does them with momma. I try to say thank you as much as possible and rejoice with him when he does something new, but I am going to start focusing on how he perceives it and go from there. 

What do you do to encourage your children and let them know they are making a big difference?


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