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Making Everyday Count

Stuck in the Was

on April 24, 2013

As days roll by it’s easy for one to get stuck in the was. I was this, it was that. Instead of focusing on the was, I try to focus on the what will be. I will be this, it will be that.  I have to say at times it is very difficult. At the beginning of the year I decided there was alot I wanted to change about myself, and I started on the path. Funny thing is when you make a decision you are ready to go, ready to be. yet the people around you have no idea. They remind you of the person you were and not the one you have yet to become.  I can tell them I am changing until I am blue in the face, but really I have to walk it out and prove it through my actions.

It can also be overwhelming at times when I want to change. It’s painful to see the things within myself that I don’t like, however the good thing is, I can change them. I have long stopped wishing my husband would change and have started finding ways to change myself (If I am not satisfied with something.) This could include changing my outlook, my routine or just plain letting something go. I have a tendency to over complicate things and I am ready to get back to being the simple laid back everyday woman I am.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t see myself as a mundane average woman, nor do I think there truly are any of those anyways. I see myself as someone who is creative, strong, loving and kind. So I can’t be stuck in the was, because I am ever changing and so are you!


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