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I found time in the sink!

on May 10, 2013

ImageLately our dishwasher has been acting up and I asked my husband to look at it. He only had a few minutes yesterday so he peered in there and told me he needed to fix it. Since he hasn’t had time, I have had to hand wash the dishes. I have to mention here that I despise hand washing dishes! Hand washing dishes and hand crushing ice (anyone else do that as a kid? Ya know, before it came from the fridge) are two things I stay away from like the plague.

Today I finally tackled it. I was surprised at how soothing it was. I did it while my boys were napping and finally found time to think. I like to have time to think, yet with two little ones I rarely get that opportunity. During their naps I am running around doing chores that require my full attention, or I am taking a nap too. Either way I don’t get much time to just think. So as I did the dishes I had a notepad next to me. I have been way behind on everything because of my recent surgery and this was perfect timing to start getting my thoughts organized. Before I knew it I had filled up the page.  

I have been looking all over for more time and today I found it in my sink. 

Where have you found more time?


2 responses to “I found time in the sink!

  1. Miranda R. says:

    It’s funny how those things you dread sometimes end up giving you what you needed all along. 🙂

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