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I gave to Stamp out Hunger and why I have mixed feelings about it

on May 11, 2013


I have been waiting for the Stamp out Hunger drive the U.S. Postal Service for a few weeks. I would like to say it’s because I want to give and make a difference, which is true and I love to do that, but that was not my motivation this time.

I have two reasons I was looking forward to it. First the food banks that I know of in my area have precise donation windows that are usually only an hour or so, and when you have small kids it is hard to round everyone up and get there on time (and not forget your food!). Secondly, I have been trying to get rid of all processed and unhealthy foods since I am starting my journey towards veganism.

Just to be clear I think food banks are important and extremely needed in society. Food Lifeline ( a non-profit that operates in the Western Washington area) do studies every 2 years and the most recent showed that 45% of the people using food banks in this area have some kind of post-secondary education and 35% are children. There is alot of need and I am more than happy to give.

So here I am giving away all the food I refuse to eat as I try to make healthier choices in life. I begin to think, as this nation tries to fight the epidemic of obesity, should we really be giving all of our highly processed unhealthy food to the poorest people? These are the people whom studies show don’t know how to make the best food choices. These are also the people who are preyed on by fast food chains that try to say they are healthy and affordable.

So as a health conscious person who desires to help in her community what do I do? So far, along with the food I didn’t want anymore, I try to find the best of the worst.

Canned beans; even though they have added sodium.

Canned vegetables; even though recently a local woman found a frog in her green bean and Q13 fox (Seattle News) reported it is total legal for companies to have small amounts of animals in their food (yuck!!)

Whole Wheat pasta; which would be one of the best choices except I didn’t have any on hand.

What would you give to try to attempt to help in a healthy way? I would love to have suggestions beyond what I have so far, and what do you think we can do as a society to get more fresh foods to the hungry?


3 responses to “I gave to Stamp out Hunger and why I have mixed feelings about it

  1. Poppy says:

    Dried beans, fruits and nuts would be good I think and whole grains like brown rice and barley!

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