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One Mother’s Wisdom

on May 12, 2013

As a mother of young children I am constantly thinking about how I can teach my children. How will I impart wisdom to them and how will I know if what I am doing even works?
In the spirit of Mother’s Day I went and visited my mom. I asked her to impart her motherly wisdom to me. I was hoping she would tell me something that would change my life, maybe I could even share here on my blog. The reaction I got wasn’t what I expected. My mom froze then she looked at me and asked me if I was joking. When I said no she told me she isn’t very good at that.
I thought about what she said long after I left. Then it hit me. My mom never has been the eloquent well spoken type person. It wasn’t commonplace to have hours long conversations as I grew up. She has always been an action person.

While I was healing from my surgery she was there. When I needed something from the store she was there. She text me when she wasn’t here to make sure everything was ok. She let me know if I needed anything I could call her at work and she would b here.
I realized it’s not about saying the right thing at the right moment or doing everything perfect. It’s about making sure your kids always know you are there for them everyday, always.
Thank you mom!

What has your mom taught you that has changed your life?


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