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An Impromptu Invite

on May 15, 2013

My toddler has recently picked up the habit of grabbing my phone and exploring. While that isn’t all bad, he has inadvertently called several people, some at 6:45 in the morning! No one has been woken up by it…until today. He called someone and I heard it ring and grabbed the phone and hung it up in a panic hoping it didn’t ring on their side. Well it did. I am glad it did though, because she called me back. After talking for a few minutes I invited her over to catch up. 

Being a stay at home mom I have a tendency to get into routine. I don’t always think to invite people over or go to a lot of social events, especially in the evening (think of the meltdowns!)  It was wonderful to see her and since she has a little guy about the age of my youngest is was a fun little impromptu playdate. I forget how refreshing it is to just sit and visit with someone. I end up feeling encouraged and hope the same for her. 

So today I just want to encourage you to make a plan to visit with a friend or someone who might need a friend, not for any reason but to visit. Whether you stay at home or not sometimes we get so busy we forget to invite other people into our lives. I hope you end up walking away feeling as refreshed as I did.


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