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Latest on I5 Burlington Mount Vernon collapse

on May 24, 2013


The good news is that there were NO fatalities. I am so grateful for that, there were 3 injuries but nothing major reported yet. Governor Jay Inslee came last night and the National Transportation board is on it’s way today. It is being reported that a oversize load semi truck struck the bridge and brought it down. I cannot imagine that a truck could bring down a bridge and have it shear so completely like it did, scary.

From my house I can see and hear the helicopters that are flying overhead. There is quite a bit of increased noise because of that and the increased traffic outside of my house. If you are looking for traffic info for how to get around memorial weekend I would recommend clicking here. You will have to scroll the map to the Burlington area and move your mouse over it. It will tell you all the possible routes.  Traffic around here will be a nightmare for awhile. My husband already has a 50 minute commute. I have no idea how much earlier he will have to leave because of this.

If you would like to keep up to the minute information about the collapse click here

If you would like to see all the pictures from the collapse click here

I don’t normally post about the news. I am a blog for everything for stay at home moms, but since this was so close to home I wanted to get information to anyone looking. Feel free to like me for future blog posts for stay at home parents.



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