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Learning more about food

on June 23, 2013

As I continue on my Vegan diet journey and, well, examining food in general, I have realized how little I knew about what I was putting in my body. For example I knew there were different names they used for sugar, but I didn’t know there were so many names of fat. 

I recently read a book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. I will be doing a full review soon but in short, I am shocked and I feel I can make a  lot healthier food choices after reading this book. If you have ever wanted to know about food, processed food more specifically, I would recommend reading this book. Watch for my review in the next few days as well. 

In terms of my vegan diet, I am looking in to key important nutrients that I may lack. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A is what I have found that I need to focus on. I am also going to be consulting a nutritionist in the coming weeks because I am also a breastfeeding mama. The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my sons health because of diet choices. 

It’s funny how when you really take a look at an aspect of life you realize how much more there is to learn out there. I am excited as I am on this journey and will continue to share about it as I learn more. 

Are you currently studying something. What has been an eye opener for you in life recently?


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