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Fun new updates

Well I am super excited to announce I am welcoming an additional writer to this blog who shares my passions for healthy food/ healthy living and family. She will introducing herself in the next few days and we have some great blogging plans together.  She is my sister and best friend, we share a lot of the same interests and I think she will be a phenomenal match for this blog.

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I’m back and ready for more excitement!

I took a little time away from the blog because I was moving, small children were teething and there were just alot of things that needed my attention. I am back now though and am looking forward to refining my blog.  Curious what my refinements are? 1. I am going to focus more on my passions, healthy food/ living and family, with maybe a snippet here and there of other things. 2. I am hoping to get another person on boar to write on this blog to make sure we have posts more often and that there is more variety within these two passions (food and family).  So if you are ready, so am I! Let’s keep this party going!!

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