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So I realized awhile back I said I was going to write a review about the book Salt, Sugar, Fat, and if you have been waiting on the edge of your seat I apologize. I am working on it now and am excited to share this with you. It truly revolutionized the way I see food and I think that is worth blogging about.

Also if you follow me religiously, like I know many of you do :), a new writer I had mentioned had a few setbacks but will be writing for you soon. She has some great insight and I am excited for her to share it. As the title suggests, I am an imperfect blogger but I look forward to sharing and hearing your opinions on many upcoming blogs!

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Fun new updates

Well I am super excited to announce I am welcoming an additional writer to this blog who shares my passions for healthy food/ healthy living and family. She will introducing herself in the next few days and we have some great blogging plans together.  She is my sister and best friend, we share a lot of the same interests and I think she will be a phenomenal match for this blog.

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I’m back and ready for more excitement!

I took a little time away from the blog because I was moving, small children were teething and there were just alot of things that needed my attention. I am back now though and am looking forward to refining my blog.  Curious what my refinements are? 1. I am going to focus more on my passions, healthy food/ living and family, with maybe a snippet here and there of other things. 2. I am hoping to get another person on boar to write on this blog to make sure we have posts more often and that there is more variety within these two passions (food and family).  So if you are ready, so am I! Let’s keep this party going!!

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Learning more about food

As I continue on my Vegan diet journey and, well, examining food in general, I have realized how little I knew about what I was putting in my body. For example I knew there were different names they used for sugar, but I didn’t know there were so many names of fat. 

I recently read a book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. I will be doing a full review soon but in short, I am shocked and I feel I can make a  lot healthier food choices after reading this book. If you have ever wanted to know about food, processed food more specifically, I would recommend reading this book. Watch for my review in the next few days as well. 

In terms of my vegan diet, I am looking in to key important nutrients that I may lack. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A is what I have found that I need to focus on. I am also going to be consulting a nutritionist in the coming weeks because I am also a breastfeeding mama. The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my sons health because of diet choices. 

It’s funny how when you really take a look at an aspect of life you realize how much more there is to learn out there. I am excited as I am on this journey and will continue to share about it as I learn more. 

Are you currently studying something. What has been an eye opener for you in life recently?

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My 30 days of Being a Vegan

In a previous post I had mentioned that I was going vegan for 30 days. I wanted to try it, see how I would feel and what the difference in my life would be. Well I did it. 30 days are up and here’s what I think:

I love it!   I plan on continuing this way of eating for myself. I feel great and have found so many different ways to prepare food. I feel full but have noticed that I never get that painfully full feeling I had when I ate meat. My husband (who also did it with me) has decided to be a vegetarian vs a vegan. Since I do all the cooking and shopping though, we rarely have other things in the house, but when we go out he likes to get a little bit of the cheese he’s been missing.

I started doing it because of the research I was doing on optimal diets for health. After watching the movie Forks over Knives I realized the science behind why it isn’t necessary to eat meat. I also watched Food Inc and while I am not driven by the humane side of it, it is a small portion of my decision.  

Researching food and what my family puts into their mouth is a big part of how I spend my time. It effects our lives so much I can’t help but gain all the knowledge I can. I am currently reading a book called Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss, that I plan on reviewing for you (my readers) when I am finished and will continue to share my food knowledge with you. I will soon have my facebook page up and running for you to be able to follow for more info and articles on this topic. 

I am curious about what shapes your food decisions in your house, I would love to hear about them and any book or movie recommendations you might have, thanks!

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I5 Mount Vernon Bridge Collapse Video

I wanted to update my local readers with more info. A big thank you to my non local readers for bearing with me while I post about this topic. This video is video surveillance of the I5 Mount Vernon bridge collapsing.–208877111.html

This video came originally from Blade Chevrolet Mount Vernon, shown on the local news stations. I still can’t believe it. I am so grateful that there were no fatalities.

For those of you who haven’t heard anything about it see my original post here.

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Latest on I5 Burlington Mount Vernon collapse


The good news is that there were NO fatalities. I am so grateful for that, there were 3 injuries but nothing major reported yet. Governor Jay Inslee came last night and the National Transportation board is on it’s way today. It is being reported that a oversize load semi truck struck the bridge and brought it down. I cannot imagine that a truck could bring down a bridge and have it shear so completely like it did, scary.

From my house I can see and hear the helicopters that are flying overhead. There is quite a bit of increased noise because of that and the increased traffic outside of my house. If you are looking for traffic info for how to get around memorial weekend I would recommend clicking here. You will have to scroll the map to the Burlington area and move your mouse over it. It will tell you all the possible routes.  Traffic around here will be a nightmare for awhile. My husband already has a 50 minute commute. I have no idea how much earlier he will have to leave because of this.

If you would like to keep up to the minute information about the collapse click here

If you would like to see all the pictures from the collapse click here

I don’t normally post about the news. I am a blog for everything for stay at home moms, but since this was so close to home I wanted to get information to anyone looking. Feel free to like me for future blog posts for stay at home parents.


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I-5 Bridge Collapse Burlington to Mount Vernon Wa. *with an update

A bridge less than a mile away from my house has just collapsed, Burlington to Mount Vernon, Washington. There is so much unknown right now and I am shocked. Once I heard the news I realized I had actually heard the bridge collapse, but I chalked it up to thunder (although it was odd because it was not typical thunder and lightning weather). There are cars and people in the water and no one really knows if they are ok.

I am shocked!


I travel that road so often.

I normally run errands on Thursdays. (today)

The only reason I wasn’t out was because My toddler has a fever. YIKES!

I am definitely hoping everyone is rescued.

Life is so precious, I pray for everyone involved. I am so grateful for my family’s safety. Just a reminder, tell your family you love them.

If you want more info click here to read the earliest info on our local news station.

****Update*** I have noticed many of my readers are interested in the bridge collapse. What information can I, as a local, give u? Comment below and I will do my best to answer!

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Give Generously

One of the main reasons I blog is because I like to encourage others by sharing things I have learned and am learning in life. I want to stop for a minute though and encourage anyone who can to give to Red Cross here or other trusted charities that benefit the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma. The one bright thing that comes from such tragedy is to hear and see how people put their lives on the line for others and cared for one another.  What I wanted to blog about seems so trivial compared to the things that are going on. So with that I will end today with a reminder that life is so precious, make sure those around you know how much they mean to you. Be generous with love, kindness, and time.

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How Sixth Grade Science Unclogged My Sink

Image (this is not my child 🙂 )


I prefer to use natural cleaners and remedies whenever I can, especially having little ones. As yucky as those little Mr. Yuck stickers look, I just don’t trust them to protect my kids. So I came across the problem of a clogged sink right after my husband had shaved. You would think that since I use that bathroom more than he does and I do my hair in there every morning it would be caused by a buildup of my hair, but nope it was actually from the one time he decided to shave in there (just in case you were wondering).

I had intentions to go get the drain cleaner we usually use, but I kept putting it off since the only place that carries it was across town. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I should see if there is anyway to make it at home. The product we normally buy is so harsh that the store that sells it puts it in a ziploc style bag before selling it.  What I found reminded me of all the volcano type science from the sixth grade. SO I thought I would share the recipe with you

Natural Drain Cleaner

1. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 tsp salt. Pour down the drain and leave there for 3 hrs. (don’t use sink in the meantime)

2. Once the time is up heat 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar until boiling in the microwave. (remove carefully)

3. Gather up all your kids because they will want to see this.

4. Slowly pour the vinegar solution down the drain and enjoy the show! 

I would recommend flushing your sink out with water when finished just to make sure none of that is sitting in your drain afterward.

I was so excited that it worked and I didn’t have to keep a bottle of harsh chemicals laying around. I loved that it was also a bit fun as well!

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